Relax and Enjoy!

On this page you will find some videos that should calm you. They should help you to escape from stress and other disturbing things of the daily live. The best you can do is to sit down, take your VR-glasses on and enjoy the beautiful views and the calm atmosphere . Enjoy and relax!

Sunrise with a Dog at Tertsa Beach (Crete)

Sunrise at Tertsa Beach

Get the feeling to be there with VR-Glasses. It is a beautiful place to be there, especially in the morning when the sun rises. Hear the sound of the sea and observe how the rocks become to life. But you are not alone, there are an early dog who accompanies you. So relaxe and get a powerfull start in you day.

Baltic Sea View from the Coastal Cliff (Poland)

Baltic Sea

Come on sit down to this Park Bench. It’s a fresh winter morning. You are looking from the coastal cliff to the baltic sea. you are hearing the calm sound of the see. A couple are walking with there dog at the beach and a seagull comes along.

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